MARibor CANNAbis FESTival

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marcana1With the uprising of the herb that's been forbidden for the past century follows the truth behind this beautiful and fabulous plant which not only has the potential to change the world, but is actually already changing it and shall continue to do so in the future as we learn more and more about it.

We have learned enough that, at this point, it is safe to say that it is the most beneficial plant known to man, and has affected our lives to a degree that there's a whole revolution going on with regard to it. For the society, this revolution will definitely bring about prosperity, and assist us in the transition we are facing right now as humans.

It shall ease our passage through the pending changes, adding more leverage and adaptability to our way of thinking and everything that goes with it. In this way, we will be able to make the leap that evolution requires of us. Surely, 600 million of years of evolution of the endocannabinoid system in vertebrates have brought us to the point which needs to be addressed appropriately. We must make it clear that nature didn't get it wrong and that no human can forbid any other human to grow, consume or otherwise use this plant for their own purposes, provided that no one is harmed in the process – and be loud about it.

In order to express deepest gratitude towards this plant, we at the Cannabis Social Club Maribor have decided that we are going to carve the history with this festival which, eventually, will grow and achieve its greatest potential – just like this plant has. Of course, beginnings are always hard, but the first step has already been made.

We must make this first one count. However, we are aware that the festival can only grow, if the people grow with it. One day, looking back at the moments passed, we will remember the struggle that had to happen so that this plant could be freed just as people were in the past. The first year we are starting with a single-day festival taking place on the 29th April which is also the founding day of the Cannabis Social Club Maribor celebrating its fourth birthday in 2017. Every year the festival will be held around this date.

The idea behind the festival is that it is going to be very versatile and multilevel, just like cannabis is. The festival will harbour many different events such as the march through the city which will be made traditional, lectures offered by experts, presentations from activists, promotional exhibitions, workshops, business opportunities, entertainment, food etc. In this manner, we invite all who want to add some value to this event to contact us.

This year, due to momentary financial scheme, we will only be able to organize the march and provide entertainment. However, we promise that this festival will grow bigger, hosting a wide variety of events with additional features in the future.



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