Metal koncert: Kaoz, Snøgg, Smrt

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kaozKAOZ / Thrash metal, Velenje

Velenjski metalski staroselci, ki s svojo značilno sepulturoidno metalurgijo in jeklenimi vratovi beležijo že več kot dvajsetletno kilometrino na metalski sceni. Zopet intenzivno prebujeni, z drznim zagonom, ustvarjajo brezčasni, ortodoksni thrash betonske džungle.
#fucking banging headz!


Snøgg / Experimental Black Metal, Velenje

Snøgg is an experimental black metal band from Velenje, Slovenia formed in late 2013. Originally band consist of
only two members, Ulv and Mørke, although their are knows to host featured members and guests a lot.
They call their music freeride black metal, as they take no boundaries in discovering the vast soundscapes of black metal and other surrounding extreme and alternative genres.

In nearly 5 years of existence they have released one demo and three EP's. Last one, Abeloth was released on
25.12.2017 and gathered a lot of positive reviews from the public and critics, far surpassing previous releases.
Featuring of six guest musicians, with big role of violin played by Anino Üfø Leatherbee, makes the album a little less noisy and a little more symphonic that previous Qivitoq. ''There is beauty in darkness, and Snøgg really makes that fact evident,'' says Devin Joseph Meaney about Abeloth.

Beside Slovenian shows, Snøgg already toured south and Eastern Europe for three times and visited countries like
Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. Beside that they played some solo shows and festivals in Germany and Netherland.
They are already preparing material for new record planned to be released at the end of 2018, and will be part of their
repertoire on up and coming March of Death tour.

SMRT / Spiritual Black Metal, Prekmurje

SMRT je štiri-članska Spiritual death metal skupina iz prekmurja katera je predkratkim izdala demo "The Will To Power" in prvi Live album "SMRT - Live at Breka".
Smrt nima začetka. Smrt nima konca. Smrt je vseskozi prisotna in vsi vemo kako bomo končali - s smrtjo.



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