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krystSince her early years, Kyrist grew up immersed in a musically diverse environment provided by both parents. As she grew older, intrigued by music and cultures, she found herself mixing at the young age of 12 and found her passion for Drum and Bass not long after.

Over the last few years Kyrist has built up a reputation for her trademark style, which mainly focuses on the darker and more tech-driven side of drum and bass, and in
the process has seen her tunes included in the sets of some of the scenes most respected DJ's.
Labels such as Proximity, Nurtured Beatz, Vandal, Dutty Audio and of course Dispatch have been the foundation of Kyrist's success, and releases on those imprints coupled with her razor sharp mixing skills are the reason why she's so highly rated and heavily tipped as one for the future. Kyrist is already receiving huge support from the likes of Noisia, Ant TC1, Kasra, Emperor, Skeptical, Lenzman, Xtrah, Chris.SU, to name a few, and her future is looking incredibly bright too, with the new found status as a Dispatch Recordings resident. So far Kyrist has travelled throughout Europe, spreading her sound from the likes of London's Renegade Hardware and Fabric, to Toulouse's Le Bikini, Prague's Cross Club and the world renowned, Outlook Festival in Croatia and Let It Roll festival, Czech Republic.

.:: Kyrist (UK) ::.
(Dispatch Recordings)

.:: L1 DNB b2b OH-D (CZ) ft. Lifesize MC (UK) ::.
(Empire Recordings)

.:: Aveho b2b Spencah ::.
(Bass Fighters)

.:: Dominus Diaboli::.
(Bass Fighters)

.:: Aniline ::.
(Bass Fighters)

.:: Nukleus ::.
(Bass Fighters)


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