Elastic Riot (power noise core - Italy)

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elastic-riotBorn in the cold and alcoholic winter of 2007 in the mists of north of Italy, Elastic Riot constantly challenged themselves trying to find an unique sound, an attempt to create some wild, noisy and sincere music.

Influenced by a billion of different genres of music, the result is a feral mix of sludgy sounds, noise and experimental music and hardcore punk with weird rhytms and sounds. They've been doing gigs everywhere they could in the last ten years, always devoted to an uncompromised DIY spirit and a passionate love for loud music, trying to distinguish their music from any musical genre.
FFO : nice people making horrible music and not vice versa

2012 : « Indisposed » EP
2014 : « History of ER » EP
2015 « Elastic Riot »
2017 « Wild Emperor: Feral Histories Unhearted »
2019 «Indivia/ROSSODI » EP


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